Glam emphasized outrageously flamboyant fashions: platform shoes, glittery costumes, garish make-up plastered on the face's of its primarily male performers.
Bowie was the most important trendsetter, and his image was at least as important to many fans as the music itself. Bowie, however, maintained a certain distance from his glamorous image. Even then it seemed to be just a phase he was going through, a costume he would soon drop as soon as something more provocative struck him. A far more satisfying exemplar of the glam rock impulse was Marc Bolan, leader and visual symbol of the band T.Rex. Bolan was an ideal example of the sort of androgyny that fascinated the pop scene in well as America.
As for this: David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Abba, Elton John, KISS, and Motley Crue....Alice Cooper, KISS, and Motley Crue were much more Hair Metal (or Glam Metal) than Glam Rock,they came later in the era, technically speaking. And Abba...was just disco.
by Electric Sophie Orchestra December 31, 2005
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During the 70's and 80's, an affective movement called Glam Rock thrived the stages of pop audiences. Glam Rock could also be considered Butt Rock, they are similar but Glam Rock has a more pop audience approach. The usual aspect of a Glam Rock song consisted of a rhythm guitar beat, a brief keyboard solo, and an unusually long guitar solo. There was a long line of exceptions to that but The songs always left a lyrical imprint in the brain. Glam rock artists usually dressed "pretty" with face paint, makeup, costumes, unusual hair, and tight clothing. Glam Rock was very popular most likely because it resembled the work of Elvis.

Though Glam Rock is truly dead, the "Third Generation Punk" movement uses unusually similar aspects.
David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Elton John, Queen, Abba.
by DementedMax November 30, 2003
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A style of rock started in the 70's. It was music played by men who wore wigs, makeup, high heels. It was started by The New York Dolls.
Glam Rock bands and people are David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Abba, Elton John, KISS, and Motley Crue.
by Freak Face February 10, 2005
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Glam Rock( also known as Glitter Rock) is a style of rock an roll music that came to be in the post-hippie era in the early 1970's it was mostly practiced in england. the lastest example of Glam Rock is the band KISS, it has also been fused with such genres as Glam Metal and Glam Punk
Glam Rock was practiced by the Rolling stones
by Holly Matronic May 11, 2007
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one of the bestests forms of music of all time! very 70s, 100% EPICNESS! Slade, The Sweet for examples of glam music oh why couldnt i be 19 in 1973!? :(

Me: Screw this modern rubbish! Get some 70s Glam rock on! Ballroom Blitz! Gudbuy T'Jane, Blockbuster etc!
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall January 11, 2013
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The Glam Rock Panda is a rare breed of the Chinese marsupial, dwelling in the alleyways of China's harems and bar streets. They are normally six feet tall, covered from head to toe in neon green dyed fur, and wear what drunken onlookers have described as "shitloads of makeup". They are, without a doubt, the ninth wonder of the world, and should be given utmost respect and appreciation. The mating call sounds very similar to that of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
"You skank, you so tried to copy the Glam Rock Panda to steal mah man! FUCK YOU, HOE!" *throws drink in face*
by Kat November 19, 2004
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Just a recolour of the thicc bird in fnaf2 but now obsesed with trash and being a cluck.
by Junkie Clone February 9, 2022
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