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Pretty cool artist, hyperpop dude lol. Glaive if you see this hi :)
Person 1: hey what you listening to

Person 2: pissed by glaive

Person 1: nice dude
by Ok.,?!- June 23, 2021
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Ash Gutierrez a Hyperpop Artist , he is 16 and makes awesome music. He's trying to give his Genre a different name but he'll go for Hyperpop for now.
Hi Glaive if u see this you're freaking amazing!! <333 :))
Swag Person : Hey! Did you listen to the new album that Glaive made??
Swag Person 2 : YEAH!!! My favorite song is Poison and 1984!!!
by Cherryzcool August 14, 2021
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Glaived is a well known member of the OG Community, he created the tiktok community and was a long time mod of a server named "Clown." You will be lucky to be added by this man because he is so famous that he usually never adds anyone,
Glaived is a rich and famous man, when u see him your eyes sparkle.
by glaived July 20, 2021
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An eight foot long polearm weapon carried by Sailor Saturn in the 'Sailor Moon' fictional world. Known for the ability to be able to cause the end of the world if the blade-end of the weapon is lowered to the ground.

It is reffered to in some circles as the 'Can-Opener-O-Mass-Destruction' because the distingishly G shaped blade on the business end makes the whole thing look like an eight foot, hand-action, can-opener. Opening a can of beans has never looked so fun. ~_^
Sailor Saturn raised the Silence Glaive high shouting: "SILENCE GLAIVE, SURPRISE!" There was no sound as the blade fell, only dread.
by Admiral Tigerclaw November 9, 2009
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when you have such an obsession with that u smell like cum every time you see a picture of glaive

note: glaive so fucking zaddy material
Person 1: what happened to u person 2
Person 2: glaive swirl
Person 1: oh
by Aldnhotfuckpussy June 28, 2022
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When ever you hear a song by glaive you get a boner 5 seconds I
Am I only the only one here with glaive boner syndrome
by Redjet64 November 19, 2021
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