Hyperpop is a genre of music that combines both EDM and traditional pop. The genre puts an extreme emphasis on cuteness, femininity and intoxication. This is achieved by extreme pitching and warping of both the bass and rhythm, as well as upbeat, bubbly synths. The genre stems mainly from club and nightcore, and consists of high levels of surrealism and confusion.

The genre of hyperpop was born out of EDM and traditional pop, and has influences from electroclash and witch house. Other genres of music that are incorporated into hyperpop include dubstep, chiptune and cloud rap. It is also seen as similar to nu-rave. Another heavy influence on the genre is electroclash, which is a very similar genre which died out in the 2000s.
In 2019, Spotify listed an official hyperpop playlist, which further publicised the genre. This playlist consisted of 100 Gecs, Slayyyter, Gupi, Caroline Polachek, Hannah Diamond, and Kim Petras.
by Keith Courage February 20, 2022
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Not to be confused with Digipop which is a trap sub-genre with high pitch and auto-tuned breathy vocals.

Hyperpop is a maximalist movement of avant-garde Electropop music that takes characteristics of 2010s popular music and bends them to the extreme. The music takes many forms, with artists having inspirations from many genres such as Bubblegum Bass, Trap, Emo Rap, Punk Rock, Glitch Hop, Eurodance, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, ect. All thought artists within Hyperpop don't have a common style, most often artists would use any amount of heavy use of autotune, glitchy and/or bitcrusher effects, distorted drum kits, high pitch/cute instrumentation and often use of sound effects.
Hyperpop is a great example of maximalism music
by Michael Washboard March 16, 2022
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Hyperpop can described as pop music with a faster tempo & electronic beats, blended with

a futuristic club atmosphere. Trailblazers in this genre are Charli XCX, Kim Petras, SOPHIE, LIZ, Slayyyter, SASSY 009, Tove Lo, 100 gecs, Flume, & many more!
Her: Did you hear Charli XCX's new album?! It sounds like a new genre!
You: Yeah it's called Hyperpop, Urban Dictionary it.😏
by Mrsolodoloisaac February 6, 2020
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kids who think they r scene but listen 2 osquinn n that typa shit
me: have u listened 2 the new tr1st4n song?
hyperpop fag: no we got him deleted of soundcloud.
me: why r u such a hyperpop fag?
by roflcoptersss December 7, 2020
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Style of art often expressed in NFT format that appeals to hype, anime, and pop culture fans. The art itself is a cross section of pop art, advertising, meme culture, and meta graffiti. Influences can be attributed to artists like KAWS, Takashi Murakami as well as musicians such as 100 GECS or and The Garden.
Random the Ghost makes Superflat Hyperpop on Opensea
by The catchiest 22 January 12, 2022
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