1. Someone who can distinguish themselves away from the whack pack.
2. Someone very fly, cool.
Look how fly that nikka look! What a Gizzo!
by vidda August 08, 2006
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Noun. Of Italian descent. A name given to a male who holds an equivilent rank to that of a peasant.

**Also, a term used to describe a member of society who is incredibly arrogant and self-centered.
Ugh, here comes that G-Izzo again.........

It's shameful when a mother chooses to name her child G-Izzo.
by Anonymity. February 01, 2010
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noun. 1. pertaining to money
2. can be substituted for any other noun.

verb. 1. to go
noun. i can't pay for dinner, i'm out of gizzo.

verb. hurry up, slut. let's gizzo
by d-man December 10, 2003
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a fat piece of shit who does nothing and looks like a complete moron!
That gizzo is never going to do anything with his life!
by anothony gizzo September 12, 2005
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