1: helping someone with something
2: masturbating someone until they ejaculate
3: giving a round of applause
in the porn industry, you will see some hot bitches or hot guys giving a hand to their partner until they cum
by curtis450 May 23, 2019
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When another person is bested in every possible way by another in a specific situation, they have been "given the hands."

The successful person has essentially taken away any opportunity for the failed person to redeem himself, at which time the winner gives back the hands of the failed person.
Kenny: Lately he's really been giving the hands to you the hands then?
Matt: Yeah, he fucked my wife and shit in my pillow case!
by DaBasixx June 13, 2014
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on may 8th you have to go to the bathroom with jake and give him a hand job.
i gave jake a hand job because its give jake a hand job day.
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be flirty about it. it's national give a friend a hand job day. gay, bi, str8, give them one until they bloww. and if they say no show them this, they have to let you single or not. have a cummy time and good luck!!
National Give A Friend A Hand Job Day do it or elce
by gayboiman September 17, 2021
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