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A girl that you want to be your girlfriend, but she isn't quite yet your girlfriend.
I broke her heart in the past, and now she's nervous about being my girlfriend. So for now she's agreed to be my girlf.
by relentless_gee March 11, 2015
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"Do you want to go to a strip club tonight, man?" asked Ike.
John said sheepishly, "Yeah, dude, but my my girlf wouldn't be chill with that."
by Abatron August 19, 2004
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Short for girlfriend.
Mainly redheaded girlfriends.
Nichole: I love my boyf.
Dewick: I love my girlf.
by Snichole August 26, 2008
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The term used when a guy incorrectly begins to refer to the girl he is dating as a "girlfriend" but cuts himself short, thereby referring to her as a girlf.
"Yeah and I told them to stay away from my girlf-.... oh shit"
by Lesabians February 10, 2012
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Girl I'd Like to Fuck. Overlaps to an extent with milf
She is a girlf.
by Noh1 September 17, 2008
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