A guy who's really cute. He lives to make others happy, and he's a big mama's boy. But don't let that soft exterior confuse you - He's very strong!!
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about that new bakery?
Person 2: Yeah, it's run by a guy named Giovanni Ricci!
Person 1: I can expect good service then!
by CarnelianDreams April 30, 2021
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daddy material. True gentleman, sweet with the girls, real with the boys. Well rounded and can be cool with anyone. Handsome and always fu. to be around.
wow giovanny rodriguez is such a sweetheart
by sofia s. February 01, 2018
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1. Don Giovanni is someone who is looked up to, usually good looking and a charmer.
2. Don Giovanni can also be used to say someone is cool or fashionable.
Ay yo did you see that Don Giovanni at the bar? He’s so peng
by Gxixoxvxaxnxnxix February 10, 2021
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An old soul. A goof-ball. Somewhat obsessive over the things she loves, however she will make the best mum. Plays many instruments, and desires knowledge. Not afraid to lean over the edge. Loves to travel. Not a bad body.😉 Only time will tell who she will grow into. I'm sure you won't want to miss out. The thing you really need to know... Her heart is too big for her own good. Passion. Music. Art. Family. Hope.
Natalia Giovanni is what you make of her.
by 0ld Soul August 11, 2017
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by lillada April 23, 2019
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