Guy with a big heart and even bigger 🍆brain.
Single ready to mingle 🍌
Au giorgi jaiani ra simpoa chemi kai sheveci 🥖
by Mr. president trump October 31, 2019
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the hottest girl on the face of the earth. funny, cutie, tiny and brilliant. all wanna be her friend.
hey, there's giorgie bel. let's go wherever she's going.
by friendanator July 26, 2011
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A Kutaiseli guy with a huge charisma and an even more huge dick.
Giorgi Botchorishvili is so hot. I would love to see his huge things.
by Isleptwithhim November 22, 2021
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Is that Giorgi Nebieridze? , ye thats prolly him look.
by Nebo47 November 23, 2021
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Giorgi is a guy with massive cock. He is fucking niggers, furrys and anri pederast. Be careful with him in bed.
I wish my bf had dick like giorgi.
by Giorgi dampyrobeli December 31, 2022
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One of the funniest most annoying guys you'll ever meet. He's the biggest idiot with the biggest heart, and no matter what kind of mood or funk you're in the always manages to lift you out of it just with his presence. Giorgi is easily the type of guy that you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with, he's loyal, sweet, caring, and kind beyond all measures. Giorgi is an irreplaceable individual who makes more of an impact on people's lives than he knows of. If you have a Giorgi in your life, give him the absolute world because he deserves that and more. Giorgi tends to have a big nose but doesn't mind the jokes about it. He might act gay around friends but that doesn't stop him from wanting pussy.
I can't believe Giorgi saved your life from that train!

Oh my god Giorgi is so hot.
by khonski November 21, 2021
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