He has the longest and the biggest cock in the entire universe.
He has the most women in the globe and he lost his virginity at 2 year old!!!

He is the most handsome and the strongest guy in the world!!!
Giorgis has a big dick
by WomanHaver October 27, 2021
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A guy so gay, he likes to take it in the ass. Guy's dick so small, you can't even see it.
Guy 1: bro, he is such a Giorgi
Guy 2: that's why everyone hates him
by MR. Fuck your girl December 31, 2022
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Georgian version of George, after the Country's Patron Saint, St. George

It is the most common name in Georgia. So common in fact, if you were to give Saint George a spear for every Giorgi out there, that Dragon would have more holes than Swiss Cheese. Hence, most acquaintances of people named Giorgi refer to them by their Surnames.

Most people named Giorgi, unsurprisingly, are highly unimaginative. They more often than not drive black Toyota Corolla, support any popular Spanish football club and listen to common Georgian music.

Their hobbies include hanging out with friends at Birja and urging said friends to start a small business together

Due to popularity of the name, there are all kinds of Giorgis, most of them however seem to be friendly, mellow and kind-hearted.
Person 1: "Hey! Gio!"
Giorgi 1: "Yes?"
Giorgi 2: "Who Me?"
Giorgi 3: "Someone called?"
Giorgi 4: "Excuse me?"
A Dog: "Woof?"
by GiorgiKhutsishvili98 November 22, 2021
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