A girl beautiful, amazing in everyday and is the most funny out of all. She has the best smile and laugh and when you talk with her your day will get 100 % better. She captures the hearts of all people she meets. Her hugs are the most wholesum and if you dare mess with a giorgi friend expect a war.
Guy one: she is a total giorgi

Guy two: I know she is so cute
by Nigherfagot July 16, 2018
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Italian for short, fat, insecure man. Can also be loosely translated as a man who Is overweight but is delusional about his weight, appearance, worth, importance outside the confines of his own home, his social and sexual skills and tends to like submissive young mates.
"Dude, that girl I met last night was the heat!"
"WHOA! When did you become a Giorgi? She's not even in high school yet."
by Sophie Baines November 18, 2014
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