any 16-24 year old in burger king wearing a crown who has recently smoked atleast 5 bowls of any good weed
(cashier):dude, the royal highness over there in the crown smell like da reefer
by skwinntz June 1, 2011
Royale high is a game about fairies and mermaids - that is probably you when you first saw this game, that's the 2018-2019 Royale high, and that Royale High is dead. Welcome to the new royale high where the community got worse (I'm included in that community so no hate), here are some people screaming for the devs to have the new new school to be released now in order to obtain world peace in Royale High, and here are 2 sides screaming at each other (halo owners and non-halo owners) they are screaming about the halo values :>, and ofc here are the noob leveled online daters which need an alcohol spray in the eye, and here's me crying for the roleplayers to come back no matter how cringey they are, in order to keep Royale high vibes alive
To Cringey Roleplayers,
Jakes and mochis, pls come back I fucking miss you

A fan of Royale High but not a fan of the halo values even though I'm a mother of 7 halos
by woolf🦊 November 16, 2021
Royale High is a Roblox game made by callmehbob, Royale High is a game all about dressing up like a princess, fairy, mermaid, etc. Sometimes People OD (Online Date) on Royale High. Youtubers Like Ruby Games, CyberNova, Inquisitor Master, MeganPlays And Etc can be seen playing this game.
Player: What Is Royale High?
Me: I just told you.
by Faith_The_Froggo May 12, 2020
A game where trashy hoes and men with beards collect sets and scam each other. Lots of people online date and small uwu girls hit on players named jake. People also inflate prices and pay real money for fake things
Person A: Wanna play roblox?

Person B: sure, what game?
Person A: Royale high
Person b: Only if we can fuck first
by Tr_Ash3307 July 14, 2022
A game on roblox were most of the players are fruity. you can collect sets and stuff to but the december’s dream is dog shit. Halos are rare
Royale high is down again”
by Hiimcoollollolyes February 21, 2022
Royale high is a game on Roblox where girls are dressing up as a hoe an wearing expensive corsets and heels and hating on dd set
Girl 1: Hey im playing royale high wanna play together
Boy 1: no bye
by Dear Dollie Set Lover Lol January 11, 2021
Royale High is a game made by callmehbob on Roblox, A halo in this game is a very rare item. The halos do not look like traditional halos. If you want to obtain a halo, you can go to the Fountain of Dreams in Davinia park and make a wish for one.

You can also trade for one but it's really hard to get them
A Royale High Halo is a rare item that can be obtained in the game Royale High on Roblox.
Person 1: Hey Can I offer or your Mermaid Halo 2019?
Person 2: Yes you can
Person 1: Okay *adds 100k diamonds*
Person 2: Sorry, That's not fair at all
Person 2: cry about it
by JazzyGumdrop April 20, 2021