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Ginked is normally used to describe the condition of a Ginker car (see Ginker) in East Brunswick, NJ in the 70s. The first thing any self respecting Ginker did to his car upon newly acquiring it is to gink it. This usually entails making the exhaust as load as possible, jacking up the rear end to install the largest tires that will fit or just fit with some rubbing of the fenders. As the stages progress other Ginker items are added in the effort to make the car faster. Chrome was always a favorite, even if it has no effect on overall performance. Chrome valve covers, diff cover and alternator were common. Primer spots or entire primer paint jobs typically adorned the bodies of the Ginker car. Most Ginkers preferred to gink a high performance car like a Mustang or a Camaro, but a true Ginker could gink just about anything if the funds were not available to get the most desirable car. Vegas, Pintos, Gremlins and even 4 door Mom cars could be seen ginked and parked in the Ginker parking

area along the back of the East Brunswick High school. This parking area was from the back gate along the road and to the side parking lot near the auto shop classroom. Some say the term Ginker actually came from the sound their cars made as they drove over the many speed bumps placed on the road that encircled the school. Most Ginker cars had traction bars mount to the rear axle and these bars would slap the underside of the car when big bumps were hit making a sort of gink gink noise.
My friend just purchased a nice"66 Mustang from a used car lot. I'm sure he will have it ginked within the week.
by TheShoe5 January 17, 2014
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Took or stole something that you probably dont have the right to do.
I ginked that image off the web for my slide presentation.
by goldendomejay February 24, 2012
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