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A very nice town in Central, NJ. By far the wealthiest of of all the Brunswicks. Populated by wealthy Jews, asians, and Italians. A high school that is the stereotypical high school filled with hot girls and jocks.
East Brunswick, NJ
by helloangel November 23, 2010
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A town in Central Jersey full of rich people. Home to those who believe that they can be ghetto and cool. East Brunswick believes they're better than the other Brunswicks for some unknown reason. The school system is complicated and consists of a Junior Highschool that throws everything out of proportion for the neighboring towns. Strange enough, with all the jocks and wannabe gangsters, East Brunswick ranks 71 in the top highschools of New Jersey. This is probably due to the high Asian and Indian population. The town also known for it's large Jewish and Italian population aswell. The East Brunswick mall is full of teenagers that " scare the living shit out of me". They dress like their all skater. They all shop at Zumies, which is nice since Zunies has cool clothing. They all wear expensive cologne too. The skaters also take pride in teh fact that the can jerk (dance).The mall is also where teenage girls go with their friends to buy really obcene clothing. However the girls ( if they ever learn to cover up) will look really pretty. The guys are known to be pretty hott in East Brunswick. Even though people complain that East Brunswick is stupid, people come to hang out at the mall or destroy property for no reason. With the most steriotypical higschool ( like the one you might see in Mean Girls) East Brunswick is quite a wannabe town.
Go to East Brunswick, NJ and get an example.......................duhhhhhhhhh
example of a regular conversation in East Brunswick, NJ
The Wh***s in EB: sure!!!!!!!!
The select cool few: no... just no
The gays: of course!

ps- i can curse, i just wanted to make this appropriate for any stupid 10 year old who listened to their friend in fifth grade who told them to look up East Brunswick in the Urban Dictionary. I bet you little fifth graders who want to be cool will now go and look up sex.............CHILDREN THESE DAYS!!!!!!!! Go do your homework!!!!!!
by The_Magnificent&The_Great December 14, 2011
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so much trash, it's often mistaken for a landfill. the only time any of the brunswick towns ever saw wealth was when the polak n the italian was rolling through in the tinted ML
Victoria: They'll be back
Anthony: Not again!
Victoria: Smoke a blunt?
Anthony: I'm broke - east brunswick, nj
by King of North Jersey November 13, 2011
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