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Gingina is a Vagina that only gingers have. These woman that have Gingina's probaly eat other people's souls.
For example, Julia Roberts is a ginger, so she has a Gingina. Another person is Bette Midler she too has a Gingina.
by UnknownMan123456789 July 26, 2010
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Did you see that new redhead? I wonder if she's got a bushy gingina!
by Applecook July 18, 2016
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When an intoxicated female entices a male with sexual offerings, but passes out prior to delivering said offerings.

The female equivalent of whiskey dick.
My alcoholic girlfriend was so hot for me last night but she got gingina before I could seal the deal. I was so horny I did her anyway.
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The girl equivalent to a whisky dick. When a girl drinks to much and cannot get wet enough to fuck.
"Becky did you get lucky with that guy last night?" "No Stacy, I got gin gina and we couldn't find lube."
by general_buttsecs January 01, 2015
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The nickname for a redhead female. Counterpart to the male name ginger balls, meaning the person has red pubic hair
I prefer a girl whose a gin-gina.
by mamma knows everything November 28, 2010
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