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A person that practices Judaism and also has red hair. Seemingly impossible, yet some speak Hebrew and attend temple with flaming red hair on their head.
"I didn't know Ginger Jews existed until I met Rachel."
by mnwillia March 29, 2010
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A individual with red hair, fair skin, freckles, and practices Judaism.

The Talmud tells us that Ginger Jews are possibly the descendant's of King David, as he was described as "ruddy" and "a hot head".
Even when synagogue let out on Shabbat and the black-coats started walking home, I could point out that Ginger Jew from a mile away.
by Jews4Gingers December 30, 2009
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Gingerjews often shapeshift into trees. Their normal form consists of a disgusting red jewfro, as well as continuous marks of gay all over their pale body. (Freckles.) Their king, Mcfeely of the land of Firetree, is the most flamboyant of their entire race.
Mcfeely is so gay with his redfro and he takes all the loot! Gingerjews....
by wutdafux January 23, 2009
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a ginger who steals stuff and acts like a jew
"omg look at that ranga over there"

"watch out he might steal money"

"yeah that's because he's a gingerjew"
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by chickenparkerrobo October 15, 2018
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