Often mispronounced Ghi-l-da it is pronounced Gee-l-da. Teachers will often pronounce the name wrong at which the Gilda in question will get calmy correct the teacher. A Gilda usually has good grades.
I’m here sir, and its Gilda
by M8 which knows stuff March 28, 2018
another name for a wig. Urban NY, Chicago and DC drag queen referred to their wigs as "gilda's" paying homage to the late Gilda Radner.
I best be painting my face and throwing on my gilda to snatch a trophy at the ball tonight!!
by shade4days January 29, 2015
Greek term translates into "Servant of God"
The word Gilda means 'servant of God'.
by Gilda G. February 26, 2007
Gilda is a bad ass woman that succeeds in man world. She is so strong it makes her unapproachable. She takes no shit from no one and is straight up real. Gilda is loyal and when you do her wrong she will cut you off. Anyone that is with a Gilda, better be prepared.
Watch out for Gilda.
by Gmoneyloca November 23, 2021
A turd who is a turdtopia ruler. Usually known as the short kid
That girl is so wierd. She is such a gilda
by awesomeness:) January 23, 2009
a chick so pretty that pathetic losers sitting around dreaming of how glamourous it would be to be her.

Emily and Cavin are such gildas.
by emdizzle December 7, 2005
a brand of saltine crackers which are called galletas in spanish. It is also a form of cuban slang which is used to signify a slap on the face.
Oye chico, si no paras de joder te voy a dar tremenda gilda.
by slickcubano July 15, 2006