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Often mispronounced Ghi-l-da it is pronounced Gee-l-da. Teachers will often pronounce the name wrong at which the Gilda in question will get calmy correct the teacher. A Gilda usually has good grades.
I’m here sir, and its Gilda
by M8 which knows stuff March 28, 2018
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Whenever making a congratulatory remark, this is what you say. Made popular by Kamala Harris when she and Joe Biden won the presidency.
Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
by Zozogabobo December 04, 2020
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a chick so pretty that pathetic losers sitting around dreaming of how glamourous it would be to be her.

Emily and Cavin are such gildas.
by emdizzle December 07, 2005
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another name for a wig. Urban NY, Chicago and DC drag queen referred to their wigs as "gilda's" paying homage to the late Gilda Radner.
I best be painting my face and throwing on my gilda to snatch a trophy at the ball tonight!!
by shade4days January 29, 2015
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Greek term translates into "Servant of God"
The word Gilda means 'servant of God'.
by Gilda G. February 26, 2007
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a brand of saltine crackers which are called galletas in spanish. It is also a form of cuban slang which is used to signify a slap on the face.
Oye chico, si no paras de joder te voy a dar tremenda gilda.
by slickcubano July 15, 2006
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