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Often mispronounced Ghi-l-da it is pronounced Gee-l-da. Teachers will often pronounce the name wrong at which the Gilda in question will get calmy correct the teacher. A Gilda usually has good grades.
I’m here sir, and its Gilda
by M8 which knows stuff March 28, 2018

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Devshi is a very accademic person with straight A* although she doesn't want to admit it. She studies a lot but can ace a test even if she forgets to study. She is calm and a quick learner
You aced that test like a Devshi
by M8 which knows stuff March 28, 2018

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The not very cool way teens in quarantine use to refer to each other. “Teen in quarantine” is abbreviated to quaranteen making oneself sound cooler and elevating one’s own status in the teen community
Person 1: Yo are you also a quaranteen
Person 2: Ye im stuck in quarantine
Person 1: This conversation wasn’t awkward
Person 3: Yes this was awkward I overheard you
by M8 which knows stuff April 19, 2020

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