Gigi is a nickname given to only the best people in the world. Most commonly, the name is given to a woman whos name starts with a G, but when the name is given to a grandmother by her granddaughter, its given with love and trust beyond comprehension. Gigis are more than just grandmothers, they're best friends, and something to cherish until the end of time.
Person 1: Is that your grandma?
Persom 2: No, thats my Gigi
by Dustys_Spaghett October 21, 2019
Gigi, she is one of the coolest, smartest, sexiest, prettiest, nicest person in the entire universe even with the aliens. She can be funny at times and loveing but also goofy and nerdy but it’s always cute. If you ever find one like the one I personally have seen you will never want to leave her side or be away. She will always be there for you and make you laugh at any time and has a special sexy person that is truly amazing and will always be fun. She is very athletic and dedicated at there sport and nothing will stop them from getting to the top. If you ever find one don’t let them go because she is the best girl I have bet had the pleasure to meet and even talk to I am the luckiest guys in the world to be called her bf. They are also best kissers and definitely the sexiest girls in the world including all those models they ain’t got nothing on her she is great and I miss her a lot
Gigi is the most perfectly beautiful and smartest person in the world.
by Biiiiggg doooooggg December 30, 2019
A Pansexual that everyone thinks is a lesbian. Even her mom
Friend 1: Yo are you a lesbian?
Mother: Yes she is
Gigi: No I'm pansexual

Friend 1 and Mother: Cap
by Lame boys February 6, 2021
Smelly asf & never showers
Gigi's mom - Gigi please go shower

Gigi - I already showered

( she lying )
by You smelly Gigi July 10, 2016
The name of your girlfriend when you put your public business on the internet.
All of my internet buddies think my girlfriend's name is Gigi.
by the Little Kid June 13, 2006
The prettiest girl you will ever meet. Gigi’s have an amazing personality that can make anyone happy in a heart beat.
Did you see that gorgeous girl over there, I wonder what her name is?
It’s probably Gigi.
by Sherlock’s Cock February 10, 2020