Another name for Grandmother. Nickname for a girl named Gina.
Hi Gigi, can I have a cookie?

Gigi, can you go out to lunch with me?
by Gigi Mama May 11, 2010
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Gigi is the most hot and prettiest girl you could ever meet. She is sweet and will stick up for you no matter what, However you do not want to annoy Gigi because lets just say u wont get long . You don't want to et into a fight with Gigi because she will not forgive you quickly and you will regret not having her by your side when you really need it. So don't lose her!!!
Gigi is the best person you could meet.
by qn_12_M.x January 31, 2022
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Smelly asf & never showers
Gigi's mom - Gigi please go shower

Gigi - I already showered

( she lying )
by You smelly Gigi July 10, 2016
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The best person in the world dont loose her if you do yoj are going to.miss her
by Nuggetbixch October 18, 2019
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The prettiest girl you will ever meet. Gigi’s have an amazing personality that can make anyone happy in a heart beat.
Did you see that gorgeous girl over there, I wonder what her name is?
It’s probably Gigi.
by Sherlock’s Cock February 10, 2020
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