A quality orgasm that includes giggling to replace the customary screaming or moaning, which is pleasant and does not annoy the neighbors.
My GF is a ninja with sex; she's about to cum, so I brace for hurricane-force screams, but she pulls a gigglegasm instead. So cute when her boobs bounce along with it.
by ravenous99 May 25, 2012
A giggle/laugh to the degree that causes a full sexual climax.
When I heard Steve boned that gutter slut, I definitely had a gigglegasm.
by Word12 November 10, 2004
The act of releasing a sudden and very powerful burst of giggling within one second.
That comedian was so funny last night, I had a gigglegasm right in my seat!
by kamikel January 14, 2011
when your laughing and you just can't stop
Oh my dude, i'm having a gigglegasm! Stop making me laugh!
by kelsxoxo November 12, 2010
The climax which is sometimes achieved during giggle sex. This consists of an extended period of uncontrolled giggling. The female often fakes the gigglegasm in an attemp to end the current giggle sex session.
"I faked a gigglegasm last night and my boyfriend didn't even know it!"
by The Gigglegasm Donor March 24, 2007
Ten times worse than normal giggling, sometimes resembling an orgasm or leading to one.
The chat's topic has changed to: Sympathy for the Devil? Yeah, we have some.
Michele_the_shade : oro...
Sïderø : XD
«Aesma» : *innocent*
Michele_the_shade : *gigglegasm*
by NemesisKismet July 3, 2006