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One of the best movies of the 1980's, and later went on to spawn an immensely popular cartoon series (some claimed it equal in popularity to the later Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the early 90's), and later an equally entertaining sequel. Then, in the mid-90's, a spin-off cartoon series was released in hopes of reviving the franchise (entitled "Extreme Ghostbusters"), but was nowhere near as good as the original.
"When there's somethin' the neighborhood...who ya gonna call?"

by Anonymous May 12, 2004
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When something is awesome but maybe a little scary too
That haunted skateboard just kickflipped itself, son! Shit was ghostbusters.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is straight-up ghostbusters.

The first Ghostbusters movie was aight -- kinda goofy -- but the second was ghostbusters, like literally and figuratively and spiritually, amen.
by eric c March 12, 2013
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A ghost buster is when a guy is getting a ghost job from his girlfriend, wife, mistress w.e. (see Ghostjob) After receiving this Geejacobra, you must yell "YOUVE BEEN GHOST BUSTED!"
To prove that you have accomplished this feat and truly are a Ghost Buster, picture evidence is needed.
Bart: Dude im a Ghost buster! pulled one last night.
Matthew: Bullshit! let me see some picture evidence
Bart: I dont have any
Matthew: You aint no buster! All you are is a fucking Danny phantom, you wannabe.
Bart: Damnit! you called my Bluff..
by Macock, GshiT June 03, 2010
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Pretty good movie from the 80's.

In 2016 there was a misogynist and racist reboot of the movie, directed, written and produced by Paul Feig, featuring all-female cast out of which only non-physicist was black. Soon after release of its trailer it has immediately shot up into list of top 10 most disliked videos in YouTube. The hideousness of the trailer has been compared with Justin Bieber's "Baby" video, ISIS decapitation videos and campaign ads of Hillary Clinton.
Seriously, don't watch that rebooted Ghostbusters trailer in youtube, after seeing it I felt like somebody just poured sulphuric acid in my eyes, the pain is inconceivable, but even more so is the fact that I can no longer un-see it and I'll have to live with this all my life. Please, do not make same mistake that I have done.
by 32121 July 21, 2016
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Group of special agents who specialize in the capture and apprehension of ghosts, demons, cretins, evil spirits, etc. Ghostbusters should be called whenever paranormal activities are suspected, including when there is something strange in the neighborhood or an invisible man sleeping in your bed.
The refrigerator had become possessed, so I called the Ghostbusters.
by Diggity Monkeez November 24, 2004
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Paranormal investigator from the organization known as “Ghostbusters.” Created in New York City in the early 1980’s due to the overpopulation of residual spirits and negative emotional energies. During the initial time of recruitment, almost anyone could be employed as a Ghostbuster. However, a new wave of entrance exams and screenings allowed for only the most serious and dedicated person to be employed with this United States Government-funded organization. A Ghostbuster holds an awkward ranking in society, which rivals that of the police force and has been known to work on an international level. Many Ghostbusters were killed during a subterfuge war with North Korean witches during the early 21st century. Only a very small number of Ghostbuster employees are still in existence, and are mostly used for the security of Ambassadors from middle-eastern countries and special policing operations.
"The corrupt polcies you mentioned remind me of the Ghostbuster-policing decade."
by Endô January 24, 2005
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