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1.Someone who hits you in the balls delibertly when in the middle of a fist fight, a deliberate cheat move often used when losing.

2.Fictional Charcter Mark(Luke Skywalker) Hamill played in the Kevin Smith movie ‘Jay an Silent Bob Strike Back. Cockknocker uses the first definition with a giant fiist. From the fictional comic ‘Bluntman & Chronic’
1.I was kicking his whiny punk ass, then he cockknocked me and it was all over.

2.Chronic: Why they call you Cocknocker?
Cocknocker: Actually there’s a funny story behind that, you’re gonna love this, true story…
Chronic: Eeep.
by banky123 July 20, 2006
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American postmodernist author of the mid 80's to the current day. Ellis was one of the so called Bratpack of American authors of the 1980's along with Jay McInerney and Tama Janowitz.
Ellis writes exclusively in the first person present tenths,as if the character is narrating the book.

Ellis's first novel 'Less Than Zero'(published while still in College) was a critical and commercial smash. Dealing with the vapid lives of wealthy California teens back from College for the Christmas hollidays. Ellis followed this up with 'The Rules Of Attraction' a college melodrama set in a thinly disguised Bennington college. It received less positive reviews. Then came Ellis's most famous and controversial book 'American Psycho.' The shocking book detailing in gruesome detail the exploits of stock broker and psychopath Patrick Bateman, drew howls of outrage from critics, NoW, and Ellis even received death threats.
What was lost in the furore was that Ellis's book was a scathing satire on the 1980's and as the author himself has said, largerly a feminist book.
Ellis didn't publish another full length novel (the patchy short story collection 'The Informers' aside) until the '99 novel Glamorama. A international thriller dealing with fashion model-terrorists and the increasing shallowness of society it was easily his longest book to date and the hardest to get into.

In 2005 Ellis released Lunar Park a so-called fictional autobiography with Ellis himself as the main character tormented by figures from his past,adjusting to married life in Suburbia copycat killings from AP. Many characters from his books are characters in this socalled autobiography, delighting his hardcore fans.
'The new Bret Easton Ellis book is out today, stand by for controversy.'
by banky123 July 16, 2006
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(Noun) Nickname given to the University of California at Berkeley in the San Francisco bay area.

Title is a play on the official name of The People's Republic Of China, and is bestowed on Berkeley due to its students reputation for fanatical (bordering on Communist) political leanings. E.G Pro-choice,Antiwar, anti-meat,fanatical gay pride etc...
Dave:'I was up at the 'People's Republic Of Berkeley' the
other day for a potluck dinner.'
Jim: 'Food any good?'
Dave: 'Terrible. These people did to vegetables what Hitler did to Poland. And then they start ragging on me about the rubber on my shoes.'
Dave: 'Apparently they consider chopping rubber trees murder.'
by banky123 July 15, 2006
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Someone who postpones his unemployment, by staying in College to further his degree. Can be from between 2-to-8 years. A grad student is either a lazy bum who doesn’t want to leave College , or an overachieving dork.
Student 1: Man I gotta start finding a job tomorrow.Student 2: Nah, just become a grad student, and kick back another couplea years. Hey there’s a kegger tomorrow, you in?
by banky123 July 20, 2006
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Person who’s mother smoked too much weed or drank too much homade liquor while he was in the womb, and the person ended up born a complete moron like the title character in Forrest Gump. An insult used against someone.
Guy : Man, there’s something seriously wrong with that boy.
Girl: Leave him alone his mother smoked tons of weed while he was on the way. It’s not his fault he’s Gumped
by banky123 July 20, 2006
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Private paranormal investigation and elimination company founded in New York City in 1984, by discredited former Columbia scientists Dr’s Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz and Egon Spengler. Ghostbusters employees typically charged between 4000 and 5000 dollars per ghost removed, which meant the service was a slight premium.
The Ghostbuster’s ghost elimination policies came in for much debate criticism, some speculated whether they were the source of the sudden unexplained increases in spectral activity in the tri-state area. Others including the EPA, were concerned about their use of unliscened nuclear accelerators in their work and the waste chemicals in their basement. This came to a head with the EPA shutting down their ghost storage facility which had the equivalent effect of dropping a bomb on the city. The Ghostbusters (now including Winston Zeddemore) were arrested and eventually cleared of all charges and proceeded to stop an invading god-like being called Gozer The Gozarian which took the form of a hundred foot marshmallow gay sailor on shore leave. By crossing their nuclear accelerator streams they managed to destroy the marshmellow sailor, create a marshmallow rain storm and blow the top 15 floors off of 55 Central Park West.
Despite saving the world once more Ghostbusters Inc shut down for good in 1991 amidst huge debts and lack of business.
Are You trounled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or your family actually seen a spook spectre or ghost? If the answer is yes then don’t wait another minute. Just pick up the phone and call the professionals. Ghostbusters. Our courteous and efficient staff are on call 24hrs a day to serve all your supernatural elimination needs. We’re Ready To Believe You.
-Actual dialogue from Ghostbusters TV commercial circa 1984.
by banky123 July 20, 2006
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1.Bald Archenemy of Superman. Bald Industrialist, super villain and Mad Scientist.
2.Ruler of Australia
1.(In his own wordfs) Hi, everybody! The name's Luthor, Lex Luthor/lexluthor. Possibly you've heard the name: the Greatest Criminal Mind Of All Time!
2. General Zod: Lex Luthor/lexluthor, ruler of Australia... activate the machine.
by banky123 July 20, 2006
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