The balls of fluff, dust and hair that accumulate under the bed or in corners of the house.
'Hey, you need to vacuum up those dust bunnies!!"
by Swinggal June 8, 2006
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Pubic dingleberries caused by your partner shitting on your dick during anal, and your inability to clean up before the shit dries
Crystal's ass exploded like a juicy shit bomb when I donkey punched her, and it coated me from my nuts up to my belly button. I was so hammered that I fell asleep before I cleaned up, and now I have a bunch of dust bunnies in my pubes.
by Pandastic June 29, 2016
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a cute little bunny that eats pudding all day and watches dust bunny porn to learn how to make more dust bunnies thats why we have so many of them and if they don't get both they will kill you with a spork!
the dust bunnies are making more dust bunnies under my bed so fuck them they ain't getting no more porn or pudding
*2hours later*
Shit! they are goin to kill me with that fork/spoon thingy ahhhhh
*chokes on blood dies*
by kittyisnextdoor April 1, 2005
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The ride or die counterpart to a Dusty. Dust Bunny's have low self-esteem, tolerate infidelity, broke and joblessness from their Dusty men. To them, romance is hard dick for a valentine's day present and other dusty antics. Dusty men can smell a Dust Bunny from a mile away by the desperate need for attention, love and physical affection permeating off of her spirit. Dust Bunny's typically pay 50% AND more of all finances between her and her Dusty. She "holds him down" for months on end, while he sits on her couch all day--when she's at work--smoking weed and playing Fortnite... after which, he uses her car to drive to another bitch house and uses the money she left him to buy another bitch food. When she chastises her pet Dusty for his transgressions, he makes it up to her by giving hard dick with his shoes on and posting her picture on Instagram to, "let these hoes know." This typically keeps her on Cloud 9 for several months until the next round of infidelity occurs.

Another name for a Dust Bunny is a Pick Me or Pickmeisha.
Chloe: Girl! Did you know Felicia let that dusty she met outside the liquor store move in with her?! He doesn't even have a job!
Shera: WHAT?! How did she become such a dust bunny?!
by NikoKM January 28, 2020
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Specks of dirt stuck to the sensor of a digital camera.

Also the small dark smudges that appear on a picture taken with a thus afflicted camera.
"You're going to have to clone those dust bunnies out of the sky in that picture - then you really ought to clean the dust bunnies off your sensor"
by geecat February 4, 2012
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Hot Indian, Arabic,or middle eastern girl. Just like snow bunnies but cooked to perfection
Damn the dust bunny downstairs is hot.
by mr.Mitzva September 25, 2007
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or dust kitty

One of the clumbs and tufts of dust that collect under beds, furiniture, etc
Sweep up those dust bunnies under your bed.
by Light Joker September 23, 2004
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