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When you have intercourse with a female and she claims no such event occurred.
I had sex with this totally hot chick but she's denying it to her friends. I GOT GHOST DICKED!
by Unfortunate Ghostdicky February 19, 2012
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To be sodomized by a paranormal entity no longer living or not of this earth to begin with.
Hey those crazy guys on those ghost hunting shows are gonna get ghostdicked if they keep fucking around with those ghosts, know what i'm sayin?
by huggiebear February 04, 2010
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When you just sucked your mans dick and he came in your mouth. Then you share a drink or share a friends fork/spoon
Mark: Here wanna try some of my food.

Me: Sorry Mark I just ghost dicked you.

Mark: You sucked dick didn’t you ?
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by MsMiraya February 16, 2018
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