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To lower the class of a situation, person or place. To make something more poor in taste or social status.
Shane keeps ghettoing the country club by bringing his boys on the golf course and smoking weed.
by dbmetter July 30, 2009
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When one undercuts another by using trick or ruse to place the individual at an advantage over the other.
Shane is ghettoing me every time we go to the restaurant. He always leaves before the check is paid.
by VKINGONG July 16, 2009
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(v.)Stealing, or "ghetto borrowing" . When other people ask about it, you tell them you are borrowing it, but never really give it back, and don't tell the person you "borrowed" it from, that you "borrowed" it.
Damn, that bitch ghettoed my sunglasses

Hotfuckedydamn, that mofo ghettoed my pencil.
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