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Fergie is a white girl who is in a group that is mostly all black.

Fergie has a pretty big butt.

Fergie sings in a ghetto fashion.

All of these things indicate that Fergie is, in fact, a ghetto white girl
by Ian Jewels August 02, 2010
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a white gurl that acts like she black and usually has a big ass and she friends wit a whole bunch of black people. she acts ghetto and all the black guys love her. Im one of those gurls, i should kno.
Damn, did yall see that ghetto white girls ass!?!? she should be black!
by Darian Y December 21, 2008
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A ghetto white girl is the kinda girl who has flamin hot cheetos or takis for breakfast and speaks in a fake black accent.

Uses the N word often and doesn’t know how to use it in a sentence, calls her sad group of friends her “gang”.

Uses foundation that’s at least 5 shades darker and curls her hair or has her hair in braids and uses water to style her nonexistent edges.

She usually wears black adidas sweatpants, booty shorts, ripped skinny jeans, tube top, tank top, crop top or fake designer belts.

The only earrings you’ll find her wearing are either fake diamond studs or gold hoop earrings. Long obnoxious neon acrylic nails are a must.

She’s usually flat assed and has no chest, but still identifies as slim thicc.

We honestly don’t know wether she’s delusional or has an identity crisis but either way she needs mental help.
Girl 1: oh Jesus Christ it’s that ghetto white girl again
Girl 2: fuck, not again!
G.W.G: aye whatchu lookin’ at bitch? Yeah thas what I thought n*gga
by s.almheiri18 December 15, 2019
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