The worst thing to say to someone. G word.
İlker is a big geve.
by Ayibogan December 21, 2016
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The nite before thanksgiving.
What bar do you want to meet at for Geve?
by Txsgiv November 24, 2015
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Geve is a very hardworking girl with a very beautiful heart and look. Geve is a very kindhearted person that cares about people around her. But Geve needs a break, she pushed herself too much. Geve needs a time for herself, and to give herself a break for a while. Geve is a girl crush definition, a popular girl, but she is known as a popular girl with clear reasons, too kind and active, knows how to socialize very well, you will be grateful to know her in your life
Clare : Have you known a girl named Geve?
Daph : Dudeee she is the definition of perfect.
by cookiencream November 22, 2021
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