Wild, crazy, and creative, usually describing a graffiti style art.
Yo Johns new painting is daph!
by Daph Graffiti December 9, 2013
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someone who never makes any sense and doesnt know what dogs are
daph no one calls toes dogs
by DrMemeWordSmith February 24, 2021
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girl who doesnt like to to be bi sexy
that girl doesnt like extra attention form that girl, she must be daph
by supaste August 20, 2007
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someone who is really cool, probably gay, and really weird.
loves art, but is shitty at it.
nice and funny, but honestly not really.
more than likely a leo.
usually a human as well.
by red.red.red.red.red October 8, 2021
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When you're absolutely obliterated and decide to take a shit completely buck ass naked.
Brad: Cody did you see Chris last night? He totally pulled a Dirty Daph.

Cody: Of course I did bro, it was the highlight of my night.
by Emdanielle April 16, 2020
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