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Faye is a very nice person, can be cold when you see her at the first place, but you will fall in love with her personalities after you know her for a while. Faye is a very diligent person, can be known as smarthead. Faye can learn many things at the same time, multitalented. Faye is a person with many capabilities, Faye likes to learn new thing, has a very beautiful voice that will makes you think about her all the time. Faye is also a very nice person, inside and outside. Very kindhearted, and will do anything to reach her goals. Faye has a very cool style that will makes you remember many things about her just by hear her name around
Cia : Have you seen Faye?
Clare : Yes ofc, a very cool girl with a very nice personalities
by cookiencream November 22, 2021
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Geve is a very hardworking girl with a very beautiful heart and look. Geve is a very kindhearted person that cares about people around her. But Geve needs a break, she pushed herself too much. Geve needs a time for herself, and to give herself a break for a while. Geve is a girl crush definition, a popular girl, but she is known as a popular girl with clear reasons, too kind and active, knows how to socialize very well, you will be grateful to know her in your life
Clare : Have you known a girl named Geve?
Daph : Dudeee she is the definition of perfect.
by cookiencream November 22, 2021
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