A term used by girls of the philly suburbs. used when mad at someone. typically show by curving your index finger in a hook shape and going- “hook you
Did you steal my fries? If yes, GET HOOKED.
by godblessfaketan August 1, 2019
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A term the upcoming youtuber habebe uses for reasons he discloses. It is also his main catchphrase
Guy:Ayo have you heard of the guy named habebe

Other Guy:Ha ha!! You watch him too! Get hooked on habebe bro!
by E88d June 18, 2021
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You gotta HOOK UP, to get HOOKED UP. its self explanatory.
Greg: Sam pass me the mustard
Sam: You gotta hookup to get hooked up (WINK)
by saverrio governale May 16, 2008
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scatological expression of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor -- The USMC emblem.
If I were you I'd get myself squared away. In other words: get on the ball, shitbird, before you get the hook.
by barber of seville November 27, 2020
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This award is the lowest of the lowest and you know that you did something wrong if this is presented to you in any way shape or form.
Hey remember that soldier that PCS’s last year?…Yeah he ended up getting hooked!
by Johnathan NORIEGA March 12, 2022
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