A codeword used to mean "pop a cherry" or to have sex for the first time.

Used when you want it to be a secret.
(Sitting at a party with your virgin girlfriend"

GF: (Whispers) Hey baby I think I am ready to have sex.
You: Alright lets get out of this place.
(Begin to leave)
Drunk Friend: Hey where are you going man?
You: Oh, I am just going to go get the pop.
Drunk Friend: Ok, I like Pepsi.
by supergamerz November 1, 2009
usually used to ask for a drink (sip) from someone else
1.yo lemme get a pop of that pepsi.

2. "yo ash lemme get a pop"
" a whaaattt?"
" a sip of ya water u dumb cracka"
by nikki215 May 7, 2008
Being touched inappropriately by an old man. This especially applies if you are a young boy being touched by a weird uncle. Jerry Sandusky reference.
by APantzMember November 25, 2011
phrase meaning one is in the process of initiating a sexual encounter. This may include but its not limited to making out, hand job, oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex.
Yo man I'm about to get some shit popped off tonight with the chick I met in history class.
by zjqrs February 9, 2009