2 definitions by supergamerz

1. The pussy you get when you go out for a night on the town.

2. Also meaning someone who is afraid to do something dangerous or troublesome.

Cool Guy: Man I just got this bad ass hair cut, and a new shirt. I'm getting some serious pussage tonight.

Guy 1: Ok dude, just jump over the fence to the other side. Don't worry you can totally out run that little dog.
Guy 2: Fuck that man, there's no way.
Guy 1: Come on. Don't let your pussage show in front of these hot chicks.
by supergamerz February 27, 2009
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A codeword used to mean "pop a cherry" or to have sex for the first time.

Used when you want it to be a secret.
(Sitting at a party with your virgin girlfriend"

GF: (Whispers) Hey baby I think I am ready to have sex.
You: Alright lets get out of this place.
(Begin to leave)
Drunk Friend: Hey where are you going man?
You: Oh, I am just going to go get the pop.
Drunk Friend: Ok, I like Pepsi.
by supergamerz November 1, 2009
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