When a virgin has sex for the first time and she bleeds when the guy pops her cherry. ALOT!!!!!
"Gotta safe full of cherries cause I pop it and lock it."

"Pop a cherry mofo!"
by German sparkle party November 21, 2013
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When marzia explained to felix what “pop the cherry” meant
Marzia: It’s time to pop the cherry
Félix: What!?
by Hasshasshin2 September 8, 2019
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Sexual intercourse where the hymen is broken, primarily occurs in virgin females.
I popped my girlfriend's cherry, it was her first time.
by meepster March 24, 2005
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a phrase felix arvid ulf kjellberg aka pewdiepie doesn't know how to use properly
Felix, holding a bottle of alcohol, going to pop it open: im going to pop the cherry
later, marzia on twitter: i just had to explain to felix what "pop the cherry" actually means
by sub2pewdiepie12 September 8, 2019
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When a guy takes away a girl's virginity by having sex with her breaking her hymen(a thin layer of skin covering the vagina).
I went to pop the cherry when she was 18
by guyftfgudfy March 6, 2016
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when a male penetrates a virgin female too fast, and rips or tears the heymen, the skin at the opening of the vagina. Causing the vagina to bleed slightly. also slang for loosing your virginity.
as i pushed inside of her, i felt her cherry pop, i kissed her and went more slowly.
by omnisage July 9, 2004
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To break the hymen, or skin barrier covering a woman's vagina, typically with a pointed object such as the penis.
She bled for hours after he popped the cherry with his needle.
by urban pervert April 22, 2003
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