This phrase is derived from the two phrases “get wrecked” and “you suck” so it means both of these phrases in one.
You just got shredded by an RE-45? Get sucked!
by Mixedricegirl.—. April 9, 2022
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Similar to a boner, but more specific. It means you've got a woody and you're ready to get your blow job on.
I looked over and saw that his pants were bulging at the crotch. He clearly had a ready to get sucked.
by the_bonedogg February 21, 2011
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usually life gets hard for people so you should take my advice and suck something hard instead.
Life’s so hard why don’t i suck something hard like maddie said “when life gets hard suck something hard”
by swaggymaddie January 7, 2022
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If you ask someone to suck your dick they have to
Joey:hey alexis suck my dick its national get your dick sucked day
Alexis:ugh fine come with me
by Doctor big penis September 21, 2020
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The greatest sarcastic response to any stupid request. Its meant to make people think for a second and then say "well obviously you would". This is my favorite thing to say when my mom asks me to take out the trash. abbreviated: IWRGMDS
example 1
Sy: Yo Ziggy we should start taking yoga classes together.
Ziggy: I would rather get my dick sucked.
example 2
Ziggy: Sy can you help me shave my ass crack?
by GarAssNigga November 8, 2018
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Get fucked and you suck combined into one nice little package
Bob: *Spills big pot of soup*
George: “Get sucked
by Moriarty21 September 16, 2022
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