The phrase "get weird" can be used properly in many ways. It was made popular by the television show on Comedy Central; Workaholics. Generally, getting weird involves radical, spontaneous, drastic desicions and actions with no logical explaination, and performing extremely strange actions with little regard to well being, moral values, and common sense. These actions often cause spectators to become uncomfortable and question the sanity of the person. Getting weird can also be used in a more sexual context. Getting weird often involves copious amounts of drugs or alcohol, but not always.
Lets get weird tonight

It's Friday night... Time to GET WEIRD
by bennythedog December 14, 2012
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The act of smoking spice, potpourri, incense, or any other JWH substance, leaving the subject with a high that is neither enjoyable or unpleasant, just weird.
Eric: "Gettin weird with my homies!"
awkward pause...

Shane: "Why don't you get weird?"
Auston: "That stuff will give you cancer" *pulls out cigarette and smokes it*

Tom: "Dude, that stuff gets me so weird, I just sit there and don't talk for hours"
Jesse: "Hahaha, lets get weird dude!"

Eric: "Yo, pass that weird man. I wanna get weird."
by Rootless August 23, 2011
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"We getting weird tonight?"
"Hell yeah, I've got a bottle and an eighth of piff."
by ballolollin October 13, 2011
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Getting really drunk and making an ass of yourself.
"Lets get weird tonight and lick some faces."
by John Coctostan September 26, 2005
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Doing drugs. Using any kind of drug, alcohol or illegal substance. Geting completely "effed up"!
"Laurel call the dealer...lets get weird tonight."

"Lets get weird and run throug the corn maze."

"I wanna get weird!"
by Sylvia Lee October 21, 2007
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not acting normal, temporary schizophrenia, to make "normal" people feel uncomfortable, nervous, or awkward
"this party sucks, everyone here sucks...i don't know how to relate to these people"

"get weird"
by b michael November 23, 2007
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