Said at the beginning of gym class. Usually accompanied by the bodyslamming of every individual in the vicinity.
by eaz1 November 12, 2010
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What ninjas do before they Flip Out
I got so pumped, I was ready to Flip out and kick someone's mom in the face
by hash007 July 1, 2003
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Stay beefy, brawny, pumped alike a bodybuilder.
One minute we were chilling in the common room, bullshitting, watching war movies, getting pumped up for the battle we knew was coming.

Book: Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins
by Ivan Clécio Xavier 17 May 5, 2021
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Popular Scottish internet phrase, created by fans of Rangers FC on the Follow Follow Forums in March 2006. It is used to indicate possible oppurtunities for sexual intercourse.
Man 1: "Look at how attractive that woman is"

Man 2: "Get it pumped"

Man 1: "My girlfriend and I have been having some communication problems, do you have any advice"

Man 2: "Get it pumped"

Man 1: "I have been having dark thughts, depression, suicide, what can I do to stop this"

Man 2: "Get it pumped"

or it can be used in a sarcastic tense, such as;

Man 1: "Jo Brand"

Man 2: "Get it pumped"

Somebody posts a picture of any female

reply : get it pumped
by Raymondo April 5, 2006
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Serves as a fun yet ambiguous catch phrase. Typically used in a sentence to encourage or “hype up” individuals. Although there is a wide range of usage, it is typical to shout the phrase when something lit, wild, gang, or savage happens or in the anticipation of it.
Wow tonight is going to be so much fun can’t wait to “get the pump”.

Often used as an alternative to Lil Pump’s eskeetit or lets get it!
by Idontlikeu April 13, 2018
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Instigate sexual relations forthwith, occasionally shortened to GIP. Originally started by proud fenians on the, not by the smelly lot although they were certainly the first to use it in conjunction with members of their immediate family.
HB1: Ma missus has just farted out her snooze!
HB2: Get it pumped!


FF1: Ma sisturs just started her dabs! Think I'm gonna get it pumped, when my da's finished with her obv!
by teh hb November 6, 2009
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A phrase traditionally used by drunken yobs to rouse and rally the troops into a frenzy and to encourage evenings of dance, music, intellectual discussion and hopefully later, some sex. However, the phrase can mean what you want it to mean. It's a metaphor on life, man. According to legend the phrase was first heard echoing around the streets of Malia, an island in Greece, only a year ago. Get the pump on.
by Marting June 5, 2006
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