a short and more cool version of sayin ‘let’s get it
by heywhatshanging April 15, 2018
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Lil Pump's signature phrase. It is included in many of his songs.
My momma told me Lil pump a blesssing "eskeetit"
by jtkaskdfh May 31, 2017
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Lil pump salute when he pops a tide pod.
Who wants to get dat gwap and party hard? Follow me lil pump *gulps tidepod and chases w syrup* Eskeetit!
by Gwapdat June 11, 2018
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ESKEEETITITITITITI says lil pump eskeetit means lets get it but in a more lit form like when getting lit you gon say eskeetit not lets get it like are you a loser eskeetit have no losers mans
Bro:Yoo me was eskeetiting
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The word eskeetit comes from the greek word Eskititit wich in latin translates to come on or lets go
Hey man eskeetit to mcdonalds and get some chicken.
by Bigfatniggaballz December 17, 2022
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