A phrase directed at someone or something to express how much better you are than them by stating that you are on a much advanced level in terms of the respected aspect in question and they should perhaps try and reach your level.

Sometimes cooly combined with the phrase "Call on NASA to reach my level" in reference to the fact that NASA generally operate at an extremely high level many miles from earth.
1- Little Jimmy was top of the class in the maths test. The rest of the class should "Get on his level"

2- After David thrashes his friend Jamie at Madden on the XBox360, he stands up with his hands in the air and shouts truimphantly "Jamie, get on my fucking level"

3- My last Album went 12 times platinum, "Justin Bieber, GET ON MY LEVEL"
by MeNzi January 10, 2011
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A term coined by political philosopher Adam Smith in his Theory of Moral Sentiments (or, at least in the 2013 "hip" translation of it). This phrase is what the spectator says to the person principally concerned (PCP) when there is no propriety in their level of emotion in a particular situation. It's the spectator's attempt to close the gap between their feelings and the feelings of the PCP so that they can empathize.

"Getting on someone's level" is a beautiful phenomenon that involves self-moderation and therefore gives us morality. As Adam Smith would say, we're all just a bunch of social animals.
Person principally concern: "Oh my gosh I'm so upset Professor Cullen gave me an A- in his Search course!"
Spectator: "Dude, chill. Get on my level. It's not that big of a deal."
by 18th Century Adam Smith September 19, 2013
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just like get on my level, but ten times more gansta.

An expression used to denote superiority over others. Someone who is so good at something they have their own level of skill.
Phil: Yo, what did you get on the math test?

Anthony: I got a 110, hbu?

Phil: dam, i only got a 90

by DA SENSAI September 1, 2010
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to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk too.
to be neck and neck with somebody in competition.
to be equal physically, financial, clique wise, etc...
Bitch nigga u can neva eva, eva, eva, get on my level...what? Get on my level!
Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy, Trillville
by CHITOWN'S FINEST October 24, 2004
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Phrase uttered to inadequate blowhard(s) during an argument, challenge, or confrontation in order to urge the aforementioned blowhard(s) to raise their level of skill, intellect, maturity, or anything else worth a damn.
Blowhard: I finally scored. I'm better than you! hahaha

Leetzor: Bitch, I let you score because I felt bad. Get on my level.

Blowhard: :(
by CHYME July 21, 2010
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when you are so unbelievably high that it is a whole other world and you feel amazing. you want whoever you are with to feel the same way because why would anyone want to be anywhere else in the world?
friend comes up the driveway

friend: whats up dude?
by lypseapoca July 27, 2009
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