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Short for Geraldine. THE MOST beautiful, sexiest, saucy, smokin hot, gorgeous woman you have ever laid eyes on. Also known for the nicest booty. She is more beautiful that the moon, the stars. She WILL be the best you have ever had in bed! THE BEST at everything in that category! Some even say her beauty can kill kind of like a ninja! She is an exotic beauty. Beautiful hair and a smile that will draw you in. Most likely of royal blood. A Queen or a Princess.
I want to be Geri!
by tiki999 February 03, 2010

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An exotic looking girl who cannot be defined in one, single race, therefore looking multiracial and has a certain sex appeal. Simply Beautiful.
Ryan: Did you see that new girl? She is SO hot!

Chris: Yeah man, what is she, like Filipino, or Brazilian or something?

Ryan: Dude, she's a Genna.
by tiki999 February 03, 2010

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