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Reliable type of guy who go out of his way to finish a favor. Pre-diamond, 5 points deducted, MVP of any team except Alex's. Second place etech cup winner. This guy will never win but will always have your back. The underdog of all human males.
Oh man, that guy is such a Gerome.
Congratulations on placing Gerome.
It's Gerome with a G, not a J
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by Gerome with a J November 22, 2017
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A Handsome young man who has a perfect personality. When with gerome you will never have a dull moment. He’s an amazing, caring, sexy, funny, intelligent, goofy guy with a kind heart who’s been hurt many times but always finds a way to love others. Every time you see him, you can’t help but smile. And he’ll always be there to wipe your tears.
“He’s such an amazing person. ”
Of course he is, it’s Gerome.”
by Romeyrome October 14, 2018
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A person that is somewhat sensitive but narcissistic and a fag time to time, a guy with this name most likely runs a meme page and believes he is fat, because he is fat, and some reason people don't understand that he is actually fat. A name that most people think sounds weird, at first you might think "Pipe up, that's my Nigga Jerome", when in reality, "That's the Asian named Gerome".
Jerome: Gerome
Gerome: Jerome
All: Why
by IdkRice May 07, 2017
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Best Asshole Boyfriend Ever. Loyal, fiercely protective, intelligent, wise beyond reason, transcends most other human beings. Highly competitive, always wins, never loses. Always right. Server of crow. See also Sexual God, Wolf, Alpha, Amazing.
You should leave that woman alone, her boyfriend is Gerome.
by WolfDen May 29, 2018
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