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The politically correct way of saying the language of Gerpersony (Germany).
-Man, I love Germish music. Rammstein rocks!
-Germish? You mean German.
-Wow, man, not cool, that's so sexist of you. Get in the 21st century, there, bud. Let's go watch Jessica Simpson wash a car on Much.
by burningpeaches May 24, 2006
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Germish is the official meaning for anything that is a mix of vanilla and chocolate.
Girl#1: Man this cupcake is so good!

Girl#2: That's 'cause it's Germish!

Girl#1: Chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing, how delicious!
by Valerieawesomeness February 28, 2011
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A combination between German and Spanish.
Oh wow there are a lot of Germish people in Chile since WWII.

I wish I was Germish, so I look white, but I'm still a minority
by germishboy February 05, 2009
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A mixture between German and Irish. We're drunken nazis! Aaaaaaaaaand stuff. Mostly used to mock all the abbreviations most people use in their typing. Zing!
He r Germish lozlozlozlzolzozl!!1ONE
by baka777 November 08, 2004
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A mental illness where individuals suffering from it are prone to erratic behavior and thoughts.

Symptoms include: saying bizarre shit, talking to yourself in public, eating whole boxes of Oreos, and/or traveling around the greater metropolitan area seeking the best black and white cookie. Note: this list is NOT inclusive of all the symptoms of Germish but includes symptoms that have been empirically identified by professionals and reviews by their peers.

While the causes are still unknown, there is some research identifying that there is connection between this illness and being Bulgarian.

Treatment: wrapping oneself in Saran Wrap for extended periods of times.

If you believe you or a loved is suffering from this illness please contact a mental health professional immediately
"Yo dude I can't believe Narrissa just bought exlax and three boxes of Oreos."

"Yeah man, I think she has Germish."

"Oh shit get that bitch some industrial Saran Wrap!"
by Theo Chalmers Prechilas January 14, 2017
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