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A savvy person's correct interpretation of what a two-faced public OFFICIAL (policeman, politician, etc) truly MEANS by a seemingly harmless/helpful/conciliatory remark.
Hall monitor, to delinquent student whom he is chasing: "I just want to talk to you."
"Official" meaning (what "The Book" states that the security guard supposedly means): "I'm not going to detain or even lay a hand on you --- I merely wish to verbally ask you what your issues are, sympathetically discuss them with you, and try to help you find a solution that will be palatable to all concerned parties."
Official meaning (what the dude with the badge is really saying): "You're in big trouble, kid --- I don't give a rat's ass what you say or how innocent you are; I'm gonna slap da cuffs on you and put you in detention! It's how I get my rocks off."

Delinquency-hearing board-member, to an under-review adolescent who is peering uncertainly around the meeting-room door: "Come on in and sit down, young man --- we don't bite."
"Official" meaning: "You have noithng to fear from us, son --- we're totally fair and just, and we only wish to hear your case and decide appropriate discipline, if any."
Official meaning: "We fat cats around this table are all in cahoots, and we enjoy makiing things warm for 'unpopular' youngsters like you. We practically have the power of life or death over you, and we gleefully use that power, too."
by QuacksO January 26, 2015
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