3 definitions by eruuuuuka

The excess ash on a blunt, that looks like Gerald's hair from Hey Arnold! To ash it off give Gerald a haircut.
"Ash the blunt off" "naaaa take a moment to look at Gerald's afro hair......okayyy i guess it's time to give Gerald a hair cut"
by eruuuuuka December 16, 2010
a person who is dousche to the max that german needs to be added to it
a combination of american and german
gosh sarah is such a douschenheimer
by eruuuuuka August 25, 2009
When you have entered the realm of tipsy on the way to wasted. Most appropriately used on "Type Wavy Tuesday's"
Merlin: Yo how you feeling?
Arthur: Those shots got me feeling type wavy.

Klaus: White girl wasted!! Stupid schwasted!!
Caroline: This is why we can't have nice things #typewavytuesdays
by eruuuuuka February 8, 2014