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1) A man who should play C&C more often to calm down his taste of war. 2) A sucker who lead a fucking country 3) A man who will die of assassination 4) All 3 answers
Georges W. Bush is the president of US, and he is surely gay like the rest of his population.
by mX March 30, 2003
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Leader of an ego-centric society, thinks thw world is his alone, and will do everything to conquer it. Also see Terrorist.
georges w. bush just launched a nuke on himself
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
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Also known as The Kid, Little Bush, Dubya and Rainman.
If you look under "puppet" in the dictionary, you'll find good old George. If you look under "puppetmaster" you find american multinational companies.
How a guy with his past could become president of the most heavily armed nation in the world is beyond me. He is a known criminal (deserter, DUI, drug abuse), not too bright (just listen to his speeches), and a little too much like his father.
He is also a symbol of a flawed electoral system. Not only did he get less votes than Gore and still win on number of states. Additionally the proceedings in Florida were so compromised that if it had happened in a third world nation there would be a new election within a couple of weeks, this time with UN inspectors.
By doing their every bidding, George W. Bush is a tool for large companies to get richer.
by FauSt_ April 01, 2003
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