President of the United States of America.

also known for being a dumb fuck nigger who sucks his moms pussy at night, but thats the diffrent george bush
by radjabov January 05, 2007
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A muggle man who is ex-president of the United States of America who is inevitably working for Lord Voldemort
George W. Bush: Lord... what shall I do next?
Voldemort: bring down the economy so i can ruin your country. get into unnecessary wars. do other random crap.
GWB: yes sir. semper fidelis. always faithful to only you Lord.
by DixieLeeLove March 12, 2010
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Was the thirty-third president of the United States of America from January 20, 2001 โ€“ January 20, 2009. He cheated his way to the presidency in 2000 against Al Gore. He got lucky, but still cheated to win in 2004 against J. Kerry. He somehow was not voted as the worst president in US history. He ruined the nation with debt, war, and horrible foriegn policy stances. He created his own words in some of his speeches, like "recruitements" (after looking at the vid. where he says it, he was not trying to say "recruitments"). He did whatever Dick Cheney told him to do, and did whatever it took to make himself look good on Fox News Channel. After Hurrican Katrina he did not go and land to see the destruction but instead flew over it in Marine One (the helicopter), and saw thousands of desperate Americans after a horrible natural disaster hit New Orleans. His failure led to Democrats owning the White House, Senate, and House of Reps. GWB also can't open doors.
Person 1: OMG George W. Bush is president!
Person 2: How the hell did that happen?!
Person 1: Well, what should we do?
Person 2: Protest?
Person: 1: No, move to Canada.
Person 2:............. okay.
by LiberalsRULE! January 14, 2010
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#1: The worst thing to touch american soil ever, looked upon as a unpleasant mess on someone's shoe by the International Communitiy. also, its kinda funny how he "justifies" all his crazy anti- arab bullshit with the bible, which he blindly follows, which coincedintialy, happens in the middle east, which he hates.
2: Alternate definition for Asshole.
Dude number 1: dude! George W. Bush is back in office!
Dude number 2: No! do you think the world could take that disgusting mix of Hitler/Stalin/Napoleon/Satan for 4 more years?
Dude Number 1: No, we're all soon to die.
Dude number 2: Yeah, this is revalation.
by Dr. C Niall DeMencha March 02, 2009
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One of America's worst Presidents. For a really good Example of this president get onto youtube.com and search "Family Guy Bush" and look for some versions they have or people made. That will easily explain how Bush is.
A day in the life of George W. Bush.....

Kneel's on second base of stairs and pushes slinky down...Damn!...picks up slinky tries again pushes.... yells LAURA!LAURA LAURA!!!! as slinky goes down steps. lol.
by BigMan1990 September 16, 2007
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A retarded president who had threatened world peace and american economy so bad that he might as well bomb every other country while hes at it.
George W. Bush: wow I fuked up the ecunumonimies so bad I mite as well newclular bomb every other cuntry.
by Markambush April 27, 2008
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