Was the thirty-third president of the United States of America from January 20, 2001 โ€“ January 20, 2009. He cheated his way to the presidency in 2000 against Al Gore. He got lucky, but still cheated to win in 2004 against J. Kerry. He somehow was not voted as the worst president in US history. He ruined the nation with debt, war, and horrible foriegn policy stances. He created his own words in some of his speeches, like "recruitements" (after looking at the vid. where he says it, he was not trying to say "recruitments"). He did whatever Dick Cheney told him to do, and did whatever it took to make himself look good on Fox News Channel. After Hurrican Katrina he did not go and land to see the destruction but instead flew over it in Marine One (the helicopter), and saw thousands of desperate Americans after a horrible natural disaster hit New Orleans. His failure led to Democrats owning the White House, Senate, and House of Reps. GWB also can't open doors.
Person 1: OMG George W. Bush is president!
Person 2: How the hell did that happen?!
Person 1: Well, what should we do?
Person 2: Protest?
Person: 1: No, move to Canada.
Person 2:............. okay.
by LiberalsRULE! January 14, 2010
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A criminally-insane political prostitute and bank robber.
George W. Bush looted the treasury like a criminally insane communist on methamphetamine.
by frick12 February 24, 2010
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The man we all love to hate. Hopefully, we will never hear from him ever again sometime in 2008.
George W. Bush, PLEASE withdraw our troops before it's too late!
by Mr. Kunai and Chain November 20, 2007
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Arguably the worst president that America has ever seen.

Proof that if you believe in yourself you can do anything... wtf did I just say? Correction: Proof that if you are rich and have friends in high places you can do anything
"Come the millennium, month 12
In the home of greatest power,
The village idiot will come forth
To be acclaimed the leader."

-Nostradamus, 1555

I guess Nostradamus knew George W. Bush was coming.
by snipertarget March 01, 2008
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The pleasantly unaware former president of the United States; he is mostly known not for his politics, but for his public speaking skills(or lack there of), discussing many powerful political problems, such as, "I am here to make an announcement that this Thursday, ticket counters and airplanes will fly out of Ronald Reagan Airport," and "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." Other than those amazingly educated speeches, he is known for his amazing use of the English language. Some examples include 'strategery' and 'misunderestimated.'
George W. Bush was a great president wasn't he?

No, not really.
by C-Rad93 February 17, 2009
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A doche bag president that was a cheerleader in high school. most likely has taken it in the ass by king dick cheeney. Nagotiates with terrorists and is hiding osama bin laden. plans to move to isreal and blow up the U.S.
George W. Bush loves the taste of old mens seamin in his mouth
by Jordan Azul February 17, 2009
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