According to most people who actually read and study history professionally, is by far the worst president of the US. Bush involved the the US in two quagmires in the Middle East on borrowed money from China, did nothing about illegal immigration and corporate outsourcing, and ran up the largest debt in history, and alienated most of the world. His lack luster efforts to reform education and social security went nowhere.
George W. Bush made Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon look like exceptional leaders.
by coloneljackmustard March 31, 2011
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An evil man whose intent is to cause terror and disaster to all Americans and people who oppose him.
Roses Are Red. Harambe's In Heaven. Evidence To Suggest That George W. Bush did 9/11.
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by TrumpisDad December 02, 2016
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Statics show that he is the most unpopular president in American History. only 29% of this country like him. Turned America into a wealthy beacon of light and hope for the world into a drowning in debt, falling ecomnomy, most hated country in the world. Did his best to make minorities such as muslims look bad.
George W. Bush is proof that we are related to monkies and elves.
by B3NG4L1 4 L1F3 May 23, 2008
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1. A terrorist
2. President of the U.S.
3. Main reason why the world hates America.
4. Murderer
5. failure
War in an underdeveloped country.
America's economy at stake.
Deaths of many innocent people.
Good job george w. bush.
by Paperwings March 12, 2008
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