The reincarnation of Jesus Christ, as he should have been, a Texan. He singlehandedly defeated terror and evil, while using the other hand to help Lady Liberty get back up. To call someone a George Bush is of the highest honor, but few deserve it.
"Hey, you know that guy Dave? On the same day he cured AIDS, saved a baby from getting run over, and killed Voldemort."

Yeah...but he's still no George W Bush...not yet.
by Durand87_jets May 30, 2011
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George W. Bush may not be the best U.S. President, but he has done a very good job with the tough situations that he has been faced with. In the beginning of his first term as President, Bush was faced with the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. This was the most deadly surprise attack on U.S. soil in U.S. history. No other President has faced such a devastating act of terrorism. After 9/11, George W. Bush initiated an operation which successfully overthrew the Taliban (a terrorist oraganization ruling Afghanistan). Later, Bush decided to go to war with Iraq and the ruthless tyrant Saddam Hussein. Hussein was known to have committed genocide on his own people because of their cultural background. A common misconception is that the Iraq War is based on oil. This is a hollow lie however. The war is a war on terrorism. The Iraq War is being fought to protect our great country and our way of life as well as other freedom-loving democracies throughout the world. Leaders like Saddam Hussein and the terrorist organizations seeking refuge in Iraq are a threat to our freedom and our way of life. Another misconception is that the troops in Iraq are suffering massive casualties and do not want to be there. The main reason for people believing this is because of the negative coverage of the war by the vastly liberal media. These media outlets never cover the stories of triumph and accomplishment by our troops.... we only hear about the deaths and injuries. The fact is though, that the war in Iraq has had the least amount of casualties of any major war in U.S. history. If you stop listening to the news anchors and listen to someone who is currently over in Iraq you will hear a completely different story. The troops in Iraq want to be there because they know how important the war on terrorism is in protecting our country and our future. They are proud to serve their country, and it only hurts them when they see the media at home portraying their job in such a pessimistic manor.
George W. Bush may not be a perfect President, but he is a great leader. The U.S. is much safer now than it was before George W. Bush was elected President.
Being a good U.S. citizen, I ask everyone who reads this to support our troops in Iraq. You do not have to agree with all of these opinions, but in a time of war strong countries stick together, they do not fight amongst themselves. Or in the words of Abraham Lincoln "A house divided against itself cannot stand".
George W. Bush is a good leader.
by rhyno_OSU July 07, 2006
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Since Bush, Sr., every U.S. President has vowed to get rid of Saddam. Why, then did it take us so long to actually get the task accomplished? Well the answer actually lies in several factors. First of all Saddam continued to make threats which were never taken seriously until after 9/11. Until then it was belived that Saddam was a threat, but because there had never really been any devastating occurences Saddam was not at the top of the priority list of any president other than Bush, Jr.. Once 9/11 happened, however, every threat that was recieved was immediately taken seriously, including those that were made by Saddam. Therefore if any other president had been in office when 9/11 happened then it would have been he who eventually took out Saddam, not Bush, Jr.
despite a deteriorating budget circumstance, the president and congressional republicans have actively worked this year t make things worse and further widen future deficts. The centerpiece of this year's deficit was the president's proposal for a new round of tax cuts that, like the 2001 tax cuts, provided some relief for middle class families but targeted the bulk of the benifits to the wealthiest taxpayers.
by Scarry Pothead December 27, 2004
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A strong leader who has led our nation through a war on terrorism and the defeat of an oppresive dictator, all with bipartisan support. He salvaged the economy from the perils brought upon by Bill Clinton's ineptitude (Enron, Imclone, and WorldCom among others) so that the markets have hit record highs. Those who dislike him tend to not understand the facts and can only denounce him with phrases from Michael Moore, the #1 man who is screwing up America.
George W. Bush makes the world safe for democracy.
by Justthefacts Man February 18, 2006
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The best President in the 1900's, except of course for Ronald Reagan. Makes all other countries jealous of Americans, proved by the massive magnitude of hate-filled entries on this stupid website
Anyone who is not American has no right to bitch about American Government. Same goes for all the idiots out there that don't vote, then complain about whoever gets elected.
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The only president to receive a degree (that was not honorary) from both Harvard and Yale. Gets criticized way too much. Not a good public speaker but a bright man nonetheless
Liberal: George W. Bush is stoopid
Intelligent Being: He has a degree from both Harvard College and Yale University
Liberal: No he doesn't
Intelligent Being: SMFH you're a derelict
by gingyman October 17, 2010
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dumbass president who screwed up america...however considering john kerry might not be much better, id go with him just cuz his acts of stupidity takes my mind off all the trouble he's caused.
err...those terror...*looks at hand* rists are bar..baric and uh...threaten freedom with their uh...*idiotic smile* evil..ness
by stickofbutter June 23, 2004
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