3 definitions by Jay Booler

1. Satan

2. The main reason the remaining 1% of the world that liked America began to hate America. Also, within his first term of office(WTF?), he turned, Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton's, multi-billion budget surplus into a multi-trillion, yes, trillion dollar deficit, fighting "his damned war". He also turned the Unied States Dollar from one of the most valuable currencies into worth less than the paper is printed on. Even the Dutch won't take our money, and they legalized WEED. (No offence meant to the people of the Netherlands)
Ex 1. a) If you shave Dubya's head, you will find the Mark of the Beast


Ex 2. How in the HELL did he get elected TWICE?
by Jay Booler April 11, 2008
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The only country keeping penguins from coquering the Earth
If it weren't for the USA, penguins would have destroyed humans long ago.
by Jay Booler April 9, 2008
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1. Adj. Amer.
A ferocious beast who can kill any person, at any time with any weapon, from nowhere near you in a video game.

2. Noun Amer. Fictional
In Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Lt Harrison is the leader of a small group of soldiers who are captured by the Japanese guarding the target, the Pistol Pete artilery. After destroying his targets, you and him try to escape. While escaping he is shot and gets stuck on a bridge he set a demo charge on. He will die on it unless you save him.

In muliplayer, he is an unstoppable machine who kills all of his enemies, up to 100 times.
Example 1
Player 1: Ah dude, that guy just killed me with a pisol from 1000 yards.
Player 2: Dude that guy is a Harrison for sure!

Example 2
Lt Harrison is a fictional character in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
by Jay Booler April 6, 2008
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