relocating in the hopes of solving or avoiding a life problem. Running away from something. Very commonly employed by active alcoholics who (falsely) believe that moving will solve their drinking problem.
"Man, I can't stand my pathetic life. I'm going to move to Chicago."

"Dude, are you sure you're not just doing a geographical? Will moving really solve your problems or will you just recreate your pathetic life in a new city?"
by angorama July 19, 2008
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Prejudice against people depending on where they live.
Bro Dude #1: Hey I heard Stacey is from Lucinda Falls, you know what they say about girls from Lucinda Falls! They are begging for it!

Bro Dude #2: Hey that's geographism bro! Hoes come from all over the world!
by WatchtowerReviewz May 2, 2016
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Geographal is a word meaning any mother fucking thing you want it to bitches!!!
Nathan a geographal bitch
by Nigmasterbottomboi May 21, 2016
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The discrimination of someone from a certain geographical area regardless of their race and religion.
EX: Not to use geographism, but Amanda is a piece of shit because she's from "Edmonton", Calgary is clearly a superior city.
by Spencer Dial January 31, 2016
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the process by which one takes into account, or considers, geographical matter when making reference to a geographical setting or area/field
Hey John! are you forgetting to utilise Geographical Appreciation when evaluating this essay?
by Joe Enchantt November 16, 2022
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a person who has no knowledge of the existence of other countries or where any country is outside of the United States. Someone who sucks at geography.
Kris: Do you know where Ukraine is?
Dave: Is that the country next to India?
Kris: No! God, you're geographically illiterate

Kris: Did you hear that Russia invaded Geogia?
Dave: OMG! Are they going to invade Atlanta?
Kris: No, Georgia the country you dumbass
Dave: There's a country called Georgia?
Kris: You are so geographically illiterate
by Maves December 12, 2012
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Similar to the more common photographic memory, but pertaining particularly to geographical detail. Someone with geographic memory is someone who always remembers how to get places without reference and can draw you a map on your napkin if you say please.
"Hey, that guy Jeremy certainly seems to know where he's going." "Yeah, man. He has a geographic memory."
by Goodly June 15, 2013
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