A word used to describe a tall person who is very nice. They usually refuse to stand up against a bully to avoid confrontation, because they know that it won't lead to anything productive.
Guy 1: That guy's such a GG!
Guy 2: GG?
Guy 1: Gentle Giant, OBV
by mkumar097@gmail.com October 2, 2009
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A masculine, incredibly strong and powerful-looking tall man who has a peaceful and non-confrontational personality. On first appearance you would think he'd beat the shit out of you, but in reality he wouldn't hurt a fly.
Alex: "Holy shit look at that guy! He's so fuckin big and scary, I wouldn't want to mess with him. He probably makes everyone around him his bitch."
Mickey: "I've met him, he's actually an incredibly nice and friendly dude. He's a gentle giant. I've seen him watering flowers and quietly nurturing them as well. He looks super fuckin tough but he has the heart and soul of a Disney Princess."
by suburban__dictionary May 2, 2023
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A British progressive rock band known for their complex classically influenced music, polyphonic vocal arrangments and use of non-standard instruments such as saxophone, violin, cello, trumpet, marimba and more. Formed by the three Shulman brothers Phil (vocals, horns, bass), Derek (vocals, sax, bass) and Ray (bass, violin, guitar, vocals) as well as Kerry Minnear (keyboards, vocals, cello, vibraphone), Gary Green (guitar, recorder, vocals) and Martin Smith (percussion) in 1970. Martin Smith was eventually replaced by Malcolm Mortimore, who was then replaced by John Weathers. Phil Shulman left the band after the fourth album. After 8 complex progressive studio albums and an energetic live album, the band started to take a more commercial approach. However, due to lack of success and inspiration, Gentle Giant broke up in 1980. Although there has been no full reunion, Gary Green, Malcolm Mortimore, and Kerry Minnear (as well as a few other musicians) have been performing as "Three Friends", playing many Gentle Giant classics.
Although Gentle Giant is a talented band, they are definitely an acquired taste. I've shown them to three friends, and they all think these guys sound almost like octopuses able to play music. You may think you're stuck in a glass house when you can't seem to understand the power and the glory everyone says they have. However, if you have a free hand, you may be able to interview someone about them. Perhaps then, you will find the missing piece and be a giant for a day, rather than just a civilian.
by Shulberry August 23, 2009
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A Gentle Giant is when you take a shit so large that it kisses your cheek on the way out.
Iain: "Holy fuck, I'm exhausted. That was a big dump."

James: "Wow, are you ok?."

Iain: "I'll be just fine. It was a Gentle Giant. It left me with a comforting kiss on the cheek when it left me."
by theburner September 6, 2010
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There are a few descriptions of gentle giants in different literature and movies. Of Mice and Men describes Lenny as a guy who is not a giant, but a large man with the mind of a child, though John Malkovich, the actor who portrays him in the movie, is not a remarkably large guy.
The 7 foot tall guard accused of groping the girl at the gate in the book was usually described as a gentle giant who was impotent, though he became hostile when ordered to do so by his boss.
by Solid Mantis February 24, 2021
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